MERCATO – a themeforest clone script

MERCATO, a theme forest clone script is a featured rich, multi-purpose and flexible digital Market place script that has been incorporated seamlessly with easy Digital Downloads. Eventually switchover the script to Digital store and even better fully feathered Market place. It is a digital marketplace script where users can sell and buy of premium WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, Tumblr, Shopify, HTML, PSD and other such templates for an unlimited number of software solutions.

MERCATO is more versatile, accessible, user-friendly and hence you will not feel necessity for any kind of programming knowledge to use it and it requires low investment. It is ramped up around a core, consisting of a versatile multi-vendor marketplace script that can be easily customized and promoted with a wide array of modules. Marketplace script is refashionable, and you can carry out every segment of it.
Mercato is a platform to frame a marketplace website, design a website for your retail market, buying and selling website or online e-commerce marketplace. Mercato script supports an unlimited number of users.

Key Features for Mercato

  •   Selling Module Enabled
  •   Multilingual Support
  •   Social Signup Integration
  •   Personal Dashboard for Buyer and author
  •   Newsletter Management
  •   In-built Blog Module
  •   Stripe Payment Integration
  •   Email Template Management
  •   Ads management
  •   Database Backup management
  •   SEO friendly
  •   Option to categorize templates


Newsletters are an imperative part of e-commerce marketing. It is crucial to brief your customers about new promotions and discounts. The Mercato Newsletter functionality allows the administrators to send newsletters to clients who are subscribed to them. Providing you have a list of your customers’ emails, you can easily enlighten them about new products, specials, promos, etc.

Social Signup Integration:

Social logins are mainly designed for facilitating the login process for users and to grasp a higher conversion rate for registrations. Off course it’s easier when the user doesn’t have to create a new login account, meaning to think of a new username and password, and to look back to it! We have integrated Facebook and Google Signup Integration to clamp users to registers

Advanced Search:

Smart way of searching scripts integration to prevent full page loads while using filters A satisfying search form, can ease the users to come upon the products they are looking for faster and is encouraging them to make a purchase. Our Mercato software is using advanced searching scripts to make your items more explorable.

Fully Responsive Design:

We unified the Mercato with more functionalities but also with fully responsive design for both Front end and Admin panel. Exclusive theme that’s responsive to fit to all screen sizes, while still highlighting 100% functionality. Fascinating vision, improved functionalities – out righted solution for every online business!

Fully Personalized Admin Panel

All the big things available at a flash. Get a full overview of what is important with total orders, sales, customers, people online, sales analytics and many more widgets.
In Case of crunch? Mercato allows you to set up your own back-ups and restorations. It also makes the admin to manage the History of the Backup.

Stripe Payment Integration

Stripe builds the most robust and flexible tools for internet commerce. Whether you’re creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform, Stripe’s meticulously-designed APIs and unmatched functionality help you create the best possible product for your users.

Email Template Management

Elegantly designed campaigns for effectively Email Communication for the users. It’s easy to get started with our eye-catching, customizable email templates.

Blog Management

Your blog is the single most important part of your Content Marketing system. With a blog, you have a place to publish great content, attract new website visitors, and engage your existing customer’s day-after-day. That’s exactly why you need blog management! Easily customizable Blogging on the Admin panel.

Dazzling Dashboard and Cool Profile Management

A well designed and most powerful real-time business dashboards for both Buyer and Author. It provides at-a-glance views of KPIs (key performance indicators) relevant to a business process. Profile management for both buyer and Author are more user friendly.

Multilingual Support

MERCATO implements multi-language support, also known as internationalization, is a key feature of modern web applications. Most of the full-stack PHP frameworks come with multi-language support which enables us to dynamically present our application’s interface in different languages without duplicating the existing source code for each language.

Ads Management

Mercato implements in built advertisement management as it controls the various marketing activities, which influence the user’s purchase decisions. Advertisement Module can be administered by the site administrator on the admin panel, that helps to apprise the customers about the products useful to them.

SEO friendly

Mercato implements an option to set the title and meta description to their products and all pages has shown with corresponding title. Easy to change the site title and meta description for all pages as per your preferences.

Option to Categorize Templates

Categorize templates as per your preferences and get organized. Create and choose from multiple categories with just a couple clicks. Sort templates by priority, save and retrieve as your wish.

Server Requirements:

PHP Settings

• PHP version 5.4
• max_execution_time : “600”
• max_input_time : “600”
• file_uploads : “ON”
• upload_max_filesize : “20MB”
• post_max_size : “20MB”
• max_file_uploads : “20MB”
• safe_mode: off


• MySQL 5.6+


• Apache 2.0+


• Linux/Unix
• Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7
• Mac OS


Pricing of Mercato is $135 includes Free installation and 100% source code with Life time premium Technical Support. Assuring a desired level of quality in the development, production, or delivery of products.

You can purchase script here

Please look into the Demo of Mercato

for Frontend Demo at and

for the Backend Demo at

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