Terms of Service

You are the cause of bearing the rules set forth in the paragraphs below. Any irreverence of the terms set below may result in immediate reprieve and/or termination of all services currently being provided.

The internet is not adhered to countries. It has its own RULE'S and SECRECY of ELECTRONIC MAIL. Anyone who is trying to SEND UNASKED MAIL in India or abroad is TRYING TO INFEST PRIVACY, which directly violates our policy.

Client is responsible for arranging and providing access to licenses for any software needed for this project.If any APIs or dependencies are there due to a 3rd party sellers or component, then it is clients duty for communicating with them and for procurement of such elements.Shall not try directly or indirectly to induct the employees or the management team working on the project, to make any adjustments in the project or to execute any other related work/project outside the scope of the project, at an unofficial level.

For these reasons, customers breach our policy and the Services Agreement when they, their affiliates or subordinates operate in the following activities:

We follow a very systematic towards every project from initiation to execution. The process broadly is defined below:

  • Spamming
  • Copyright violation

The Client shall not be entitled to get the source code unless all pending dues are elucidated in time.All work and engagement between MavenTemplates and Client shall be governed by the laws.


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