Top free php e-commerce scripts

There are lots of open source e-commerce scripts available at the market but all are entirely free of cost. Open-source means the software has been made available to anyone to modify and use for their own. So the free scripts would have only limited features and to get the full features we need to go for enterprise versions. Some companies are providing hosting ecommerce solutions where you can just signup with them and make your online store easily for monthly or yearly subscription.

Let’s see some of the best open-source e-commerce scripts below,

1. Prestashop

The Prestashop code is fully free but they provide bunch of free and paid add-ons. Add-ons are created and sold by community members of prestashop. And Prestashop is also providing developer services. so you can get customization, training and support for lifetime.

2. Magento

Magento is one of the biggest and oldest ecommerce script. It has many features but bit complex in coding structure and database. If you are expert with Magento you can create a beautiful ecommerce website.

Magento provides enterprise version as well. The company also provides professional training, support and certification.

3. Open Cart

Open cart is a simple, light weight and easy to customize script in the market.. Its admin panel is very sleek and user friendly. Developers has to work over the code to make the store looks fancy and professional.

4. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is not a seperate software but an e-commerce plugin for wordpress. WordPress is already one of the leading open-source content management system. So using Woocommerce is a double boost to manage your website and add e-commerce solution into it. You will get lots of free templates for woocommerce and can easily customize the looks. It has one page checkout feature, that’s awesome.

5. OsCommerce

OsCommerce is obviously free and comes with lots of inbuilt features.The script has catalog front end with a comprising admin panel back end to manage the site. It has the payment modules, tax calculation, shipping etc.

6. ZenCart

ZenCart is a free and easy to install e-commerce solution. It is simple to use and maintain. There are free templates available to download and customize the looks.

Key features includes multiple payment gateways, multiple currency, shipping methods, Taxes, promotion & discounts, multi language support, comprehensive admin control panel etc.

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