Top 5 PHP frameworks across the world

There are numerous PHP frameworks available but only few are very handy,light weight and easily customizable. Lets take a look at them and their brief features here.

No 1 : Codeigniter

CodeIgniter is the only PHP framework that show off a very small footprint, designed for smaller PHP sites, possibly using shared-hosting providers and require the least amount of overhead to create full-featured PHP web applications.

No 2 : Yii

Yii is a robust, modular PHP framework that is well-suited for developing large-scale Web applications. Yii comes standard with a full host of features, including MVC, ActiveRecord, caching, AJAX libraries, authentication and authorization components, input validation, Web services, and many more.

No 3 : CakePHP

CakePHP is a rapid application development PHP framework that provides an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying PHP based web applications.

No 4 : Zend

Zend emphasizes flexible architecture and contains a host of addons, such as Zend Server, Zend Studio, and Zend Platform

No 5 : Symfony

Symfony advertises itself as a framework for enterprise applications. The framework seeks to provide a high degree of control over the configuration: from directory structure to external libraries, almost all parameters can be customized. Symfony is also bundled with a host of tools for testing, debugging and documentting a web application.

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