PHP Website Development – Top 5 trends of 2013

The following are the top 5 latest trends in PHP which are being followed by PHP web developers around the globe.

Fixed Header:

Fixing the header menu bar in the website will make the users to avoid scrolling back to click other menus. This will help us easy access of the website and brand name will be easily promoted as sticking the logo on the header will grasp their attention.

Responsive design:

Current world using mobile phones and tablets more than desktops and laptops, so the website we are developing should work in mobile devices seamlessly to make the users using it on the go.

3D Effects:

Not only movies and games but websites will also have special effects like 3D animation. To achieve this developers are using Parallax scrolling methodology. Using this images and banners can be shown and moved to give an animated look for the website.


Instead of making the users to surf along the website for more time to get to know the stuffs, developers are using pictorial and infographics to explain everything in a single design. And also big background images with typography will be another one.

Social media integration:

Now a days the website users are not willing to spend much time to do new signups and fill the forms. So the new websites are coming up with facebook, twitter, linkedin signup and login options. Using the same facebook account, users can create new account to other website in few mins.

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