PENNY PROBID – 2.5 Version Upgrade

We are excited to announce that we are expanding the features of our premium product PENNYPROBID with version upgrade of 2.5

Enhancing the codeigniter version to the current version 3.1.11, thereby increasing security of the product.

Some highlighted features are

Site Logo  Management : Site Logo, Admin Logo and Favicon can be updated on the admin panel settings.

Slider settings Management: Home Page sliders can be changed on the admin panel depends on the website platform. And Image text can also be changed.

API keys Management: API keys for the Google signup integration and Google recaptcha key also updated on the admin panel.

Admin Users Management: Multiple admins can be managed on the site by adding admins.

And also updated with some bug fixes on the Fake bidding bot, so that bidding will be delayed some seconds similar to the real bidders.

With some minor fixes on the bid buddy option, so that bidding will be done on the last seconds of the auctions with some seconds of interval.

Time zone settings are updated on the admin panel, to avoid timing issues on the auctions during last seconds .

You can purchase the script here

Please look into the Demo of Penny ProBid

Front end demo at

Back end demo at

Please contact us via email to [email protected] or Skype us at sathick to get free upgrades and more details.

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