Let’s call by glasses Literally!!!!!!!!!!!

The time has come let’s get glued with our social networks, calls and so on by wearing smart glasses,

Google had introduced an Amazing smart gadget named google glass which can view
actuall life scenario as normal glasses and at the same time we can make voice and
video calls, get directions nearby, record a video, capture images, sharing text messages, translate and
your infobutler.

Google glass is packed with bluetooth, WI-FI, GPS, Speakers, Microphone, touchpad
and gyroscope which detects and obey our head tilt,

And by finger sized screen you can bag this world in your fingertips.

Too many awesome features were here that is you can activate the glass by saying OK GLASS, and gaving
comments by just tilting our heads and you may share vidoes what you are viewing at present
by live video stream…

So wear glass and let’s start having fun!!!


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