Javascript form component based on AJAX

dhtmlxForm is a JavaScript component that helps you quickly generate and process Ajax-based web forms with a standard set of elements: input field, select box, radio button, checkbox, etc. The form component provides built-in file upload control, form validation and the ability to save user input to the back end database.

dhtmlxForm supports different data sources and can be generated from a JSON object, XML, or HTML. The data in the form can be loaded automatically from the server and updated dynamically on the page.

The main advantages of using dhtmlxForm:

It’s an easy and convenient way to build and manage web-based dynamic forms.
It simplifies data-loading into the form and provides a ready-to-use mechanism for saving data on the server (through dhtmlxConnector).
It provides a simple way to perform JavaScript form validation.
Cross-browser support: IE, FF, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome.
dhtmlxForm matches the skin design of other DHTMLX components, so it can be easily integrated into a DHTMLX-based interface.

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