Android 6.0 – Marshmallow’s Dazing Features!!!!!


Android, mobile operating system developed by Google creates a massive boom in the smart devices industry since 2007. Android, based on Linux kernel designed peculiar for touch screen devices. Similar to its harbinger Android – L (Lollipop), Marshmallow sport some enhancements in appearance and improvements to usability.

Google, a monster of software companies, specializing in internet related activities and products again bang-up with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Some of the important aspects of Marshmallow are efficient Power management system with DOZE, fingerprint recognition, USB Type C connectors which enable to reverse charging your android phone and considering secondary storage micro SD card as a primary storage device.

Google finally brings in Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P devices with Marshmallow.

It’s the right time to depict the stunning features of Marshmallow

  • Doze Battery Optimization


Android-M should extradite fantabulous battery optimization when compared with Lollipop. It uses Doze optimization, when the devices are idle for a while it simply disables some of your background running process that makes your phone power-draining. It is a new battery management trick, which makes your phone to depart with sleeping mode when there is inactivity in your device. There is no need of setting Doze mode enable or disable in your devices. We can merely relish with Doze, jive into action when there is dozy reaction in your device.

  • USB Type-C Reverse Charging- Next Generation Connector


Type –C USB charging flourishes in tech industry today and it make possible to embellish all your smart devices. Android Marshmallow emerged with built-in Type-C USB port. As long as your smart devices have connection, Marshmallow can make avail of it. It substantively renders faster charging, quicker data transfer and possibly reversible cable.

  • Fingerprint API


Fingerprint scanners are uprising trend in smart devices. With Fingerprint sensors, we can manage all the banking applications or services and handle the devices in secure fashion. Android –M makes it possible with Fingerprint API. Finger print sensors are handled with the help of Third party manufactures on those days. Android-M supports Fingerprint sensors within the core OS from which we can unlock phones, makes payment using Android pay and secure applications.

  • Android Pay , a touch less payment system


Like Apple pay and Samsung Pay, Android pay is another astonishing feature of Marshmallow. Android pay set aside users to pay wirelessly. It allows users to store credit and debit card information safe and sound. Android pay requires NFC equipped terminal with NFC smart phone for wireless payment.

  • Micro SD Support


Combat of Micro SD card has been a great challenge now-a-days for smart devices. It has been a menace for device security. Marshmallow has extending a support for micro SD card by making it as a part of internal storage memory. That means we won’t able to get rid of our SD card from the devices frequently. It widens the system level support to the external storage devices.

  • Google Now on Tap


Google Now on tap most bounteous treat of Android –M, crosscut the searching process. By long pressing the home button trigger off the “Google now on tap”. It delivers pertinent information to keyword on the screen. It actually changes the fashion of handling your device. For example if the keyword is a place reference, it delivers with the navigation information of the place.

  • Backing-up of your Applications


Android –L, precursor of Marshmallow backs-up all important data like application installs, Wi-Fi passwords and applications like Google calendar, Gmail etc. Backing up these information in the clouds make user to handgrip with the phone easily. As an additional feature, Marshmallow has an opportunity to clog up with the own data and settings in the cloud so that we can use the device as we have.

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