• Multi Language

    Adding new languages to the platform is easy and can get the language option on the site for your users around the globe.
  • Payment Gateway

    Accept all major credit and debit cards and recurring payment options with Stripe payment gateway. Easy admin panel setup for your stripe account and get payments from your users for credits subscription, desposits etc.
  • Internal Messaging System

    Gmail kind of improved internal messaging system for easy navigation and clean look. Also a personal message baord to discuss on a specific project/joband private message between users.
  • Instant Notifications Alert

    Facebook kind of instant notifications will give the users get all the important notifications seamlessly while using the plaform.
  • Live chat

    Project owners and bidders can collaborate easily by using the live chat feature. It will show the online users like popular IM handlers like google hangouts, Skype etc
  • Invoice Management

    Simple and easy to use invoice section for both project owners and bidders. This will take care of all the payments for a project in a single place, so users can manage their escrow release,new payment requests,remind,accept/reject payment requests etc.
  • Advanced Search and Filters

    New improved look and advanced filters, sort, pagination, sliders etc has been implemented on both search jobs and search bidders page for better user experience and filtering the results using various options.
  • Social login & Signup

    Facebook and Google login options gives users a better control of their account and avoids holding more logins into their memory. You will get documentation for how to setup FB & Goole login feature enabled into your plaform.
  • Mobile responsive

    Brand new look with mobile responsive theme has been implemeted for both front end and admin panel for better user experience. All the actions can be done from mobile devices for seamless usage of the system across various devices.
  • Start/Stop bidding

    Project owners can temporarily hold the bidding by stop feature and resume when needed. This will save time by cancelling the projects and recreate as new after some time.
  • Calendar View for Jobs

    Users can see their jobs on a calendar view to plan for delivery, payments etc. They can naviagte between months or weeks to see their all jobs irrespective of the job status.
  • Internal Escrow Option

    No more worrying about whether the contractor is going to finish the job after being paid. Simply deposit funds in our licensed escrow and your contractor will be paid when milestones are met. It's just that simple.
  • Private project option

    Get the project poster to work with you on a freelance site and be assured of payment with full protection. Works like a charm for both parties involved.
  • Live timer to show the remaining time for bidding end

    Never lose out on a bid anymore. With the live timer, it will never be too late to post your bid. Our customers just love this cool feature.

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